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During this pandemic, we all realized that life is short and it's a pity not to view the rest of the world, meet new people, make new friends, enjoy amazing food and party!

So what now? Build another thematic/vertical social network? Yes, but not really. 

We want to gather people who like to travel, enjoy adventure and photography, share similar interests. We'd like to make a new online community of real people, not a profit company.

If you like to travel, enjoy roadtrips, your friends say that you organize everything with perfection OR you are just a follower seeking for new friends, then, you are one of us. 

Join now, invite your friends will similar interests, share your experiences for places you have visited and you suggest to others. Our platform has a lot of features including chat, groups, blogs but first of all we need to gather the organizers, the content writers! 

So don't hesitate to contact me personally!

I'm John Traveller, and I want you all to have fun here!

Spread the word!

John Traveller Dec 5 '21 · Rate: 5 · Tags: travel, escape, enjoy, party, roadtrips

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